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Sights & Sounds

Sidepipe Inserts

My mufflers on a “late” model Mustang. I thought this guy did a really nice job on the video. I’ve always been amazed that the Mustang GT crowd never really picked up on my mufflers, so this video may start some new interest with the Mustang guys. So far, all thumbs-up & great comments below the video.

Classic Chambered

He is running a pair of these:

Dodge Durango - Not too bad for a 6-banger.

1969 489 Stroker Vette from Austria running a pair of full chambered 2.5” x 40” chambered Powersticks

Same 1969 Vette from Austria with 2.5” VettePacks: 16” of chambered & 24” of packed resonator for more sound control


"Quiet" side Pipes from WTB on Vimeo.

2019 Durango with 3.6L.

2018 Dodge Charger RT with Power Sticks

2008 Viper with special-built 2.5” core x 28” L bodied chambered Powersticks

Hey Classic Chambered,

Finally got some good video (more importantly for you, good audio too) of my car running the custom 2.5" x 32” L Cobra Pack mufflers you built for me last year. Here's a link if you think it is worth adding to your website.

69 Corvette, 355 cid 1970 LT-1 spec with 3" Stahl/ACP headers
Thanks, CS

P.S. - I'm very happy with them! They sound great! More video to come!

2017 Ford Mustang GT with Power Sticks


2013 Chevy Camaro 6.2L V-8 with power sticks

2005 Pontiac GTO with PowerSticks

2011 Dodge Challenger Hemi with power stick mufflers

2013 Dodge Challenger RT , power stick mufflers

Sweet sound from a really nice-looking C2 from New York running my 3” x 40” Chambered Powersticks. This is about as loud as you can get through mufflers! Sometimes I get nice movies like this from my customers – they are always fun. Enjoy.

Comments from customer: It's a 63 stingray. Tko600. 373 gear. Rear has the Dragvette link suspension. Wheels are Mickey Thompson drag radial on vintage ET wheels and Hurst racing front runner tires. It's a Shafiroff ultra street 434 small block 610 hp 615 tq with Stahls headers stepped from 1.75 to 1.875" primary pipes and 3" collector.

They sound perfect. In 4th and 5th its quiet I made the turnouts adjustable to find a quiet angle. Anytime they are facing the ground it's louder than if they are angled at 8 o'clock

I did put the sidepipe cover on they fit fine without the insulator and the key to it make sure the pipes are situated with the chambered crimps on the sides because the tubes are sort of oval. In fact the first set of 2.5" cores I did not realize it and perhaps I did not need to remove the fiberglass insulator. I also Cerekote the headers and side pipes for a little heat retention.

Classic Chambered 2015 Dodge Charger

2015 Dodge Charger RT Powersticks

2016 Dodge Durango Hemi with Powerstick mufflers

2015 Challenger RT Hemi with Powersticks and resonators


2015 Dodge Charger RT Powersticks


Slant 6 with Powerstick Exhaust

I've had the powersticks on my truck for a week so far and they are the best sounding muffler I've ever heard. Already been through 5 different brands of mufflers on my current setup. You make a great product and I am a proud supporter of U.S. made. Your business ethic is also one of the best ones I've ever dealt with. I will definitely be installing powersticks on my other truck when the time comes. Keep up the outstanding business and product. Also I've provided a youtube link to a video of my truck in case you would like to use it or as a sound clip. Ben from Saginaw, MI.

Vette in New Zealand on Track Running 2.25” VettePacks

1968 340 Formula-S Barracuda

I'm running TTI headers & 2 1/2" X pipe system w/ Power Sticks chambered mufflers on a warmed over small block. Sounds absolutely vicious at idle, but is very sedate when driven moderately, which I do on occasion.

Project Header Orange Challenger R/T

Mustang Cobra
Drive By OEM wav. mp3.
Drive By PowerSticks wav. mp3.
Cobra Kit Car
Idle with PowerSticks wav. mp3.
73 Dodge Charger


Idle with PowerSticks wav. mp3.
Drive By PowerSticks wav. mp3.
In Car with PowerSticks wav. mp3.
Hemi Magnum Wagon


Idle with PowerSticks wav. mp3.
Drive By PowerSticks wav. mp3.


Part 1

Part 2



Thanks to A.P. of CA. for this great movie. His is the black Viper running a pair of 3" x 28" Cobrapack (w/packing) mufflers. Which Viper sounds the best? A very nice gathering of exotic stuff there, with an honorable mention to the Ford GT!

How do you make a V-10 sound good? Powerstick it - listen:
Dodge Ram SRT-10 After 26" Powersticks

Miscellaneous Sound Library:

From (May 2012 – Thanks to Eric in Boyington Beach, FL.)

Since installing a set of OBX Stainless side pipes I've been trying to find a set of inserts that flowed well but sounded good at a reasonable volume. I started with the Hooker Max Flows that sounded nice at idle but after that they were super loud and unbearable on the interstate. Second I tried the Hooker regular glass packs (not reverse flow) and they sounded much better volume wise but the tone was just ok but the back pressure was horrible.

I called Eric at Classic Chambered Exhaust and asked about making a set of the VettePack mufflers he makes for C2 cars. He said no problem though he'd never made a set for the hooker styled pipes but was game. A few weeks later they arrived and I started the install.

The design is great and easy to bend the tabs so the inserts slide in with some resistance and no vibration and rattles. The sound is super. They have the right amount of volume and sound great through the rpm. At 70 mph on the interstate you can hear them but still talk to a passenger in my case with the windows down an air conditioned car would have no problem at all. When you get in it or just taking off heavy footed from a light heads will turn cause everyone can hear the sweet music your car will be making.

Happy to say the least and found working with Eric a pleasure. Here is a quick clip. I'll shoot a driving video next and post it.

From (1994 Corvette LT-1 with 3026SB Powersticks)

Sounds great !!! What exhaust/headers do you have ?
That is one fine car, What kind of exhaust do you have on it? It sounds great.

TPiS longtubes
Random Tech High Flow Cats
Stock exhaust system with:
2.75" x pipe in place of the center resonator
3" classic chambered powerstick mufflers in place of the stock mufflers
Stock tips with the inlet size increased a tad

70 Torino GT Convertible 351-4bbl w/4-speed.
Running a pair of 22524SB’s & 2.25” Resonators.

2008 Mustang GT/CS w/2524SB Powersticks.

2010 V6 Camaro with Power Stick Mufflers

Hi Eric,
I got them installed and am very pleased with the results. The sound is simply awesome. When I first brought it home my neighbors came out of the house to see what was going on! The coolest thing was when my 6 year old daughter was in the backseat for the first time and she said "That's really cool, daddy....can we make it go faster???" As a car nut that made my heart swell! LOL. Here's a video of my car with the 2520SB's on it. It's a real head turner (ear turner? Ha). Love it!!!!
Best Regards, Jac

Many thanks to Joe Ciaravino of NJ for the following movie clips of his trophy-winning 1965 Corvette 327. Joe was instrumental in our development of the breakthrough VettePack Muffler concept. I built a prototype set with 2.5" cores & 3.5" OD body size for Joe's car. Length of the chambered Powerstick is 26" & I used a 16" resonator section. Today's most popular VettePack assembly utilizes 20" of Powerstick, & 20" of sound-absorbing resonator. We hit the sweet spot with this latest design!

Movie clip # 1: Stock GM chambered sidepipe setup

Movie clip # 2: VettePack Mufflers on the road - 6750 RPM!

Movie clip # 3: VettePack Mufflers startup & idle

Hi Guys,
See attached pic of how I used your chambered exhaust power sticks in fabricating a dual muff system for my '67 Etype 6 cyl. Here is a sound byte of how it sounds. This system has been installed for a good while. I used more clamps than necessary, as I was not sure how it would all sound. I have since welded all but the connections to the rest of my system. Thanks for a great product.
Ken - Severna Park, MD

Jag XKE exhaust sound -

Click To Load Full Size


Retrofit going from stock replacement chambered sidepipes to 2.5” core / 3.5” body VettePack Mufflers (these have 20” long unpacked Powerstick Chambered sections, followed by 20” long resonator sections packed with sound absorbing material). The result will be a noticeably quieter & deeper tone without rasp, & they will also flow better than the stock-type chambered replacement exhaust:

Photo showing stock-type reproduction chambered sidepipe muffler assembly

Looking at the LH manifold-to-muffler plumbing (2.5” pipe w/compression bends)

LH headpipe & muffler removed

Preparing to chop-off the chrome tips – they will be re-used. (We now carry 2-3/4” polished stainless tips also)

1967 4-speed 327 Vette undergoing surgery

Re-installing the headpipe after the muffler section is cut off (these are re-used unless you are going to a larger diameter)

Tack-weld new VettePack muffler into position after everything is aligned & fitted

Cut-off & re-use the sidepipe hanger

Showing internal view of the inlet end of the stock-type 3” OD chambered muffler (this is actually a large-core version)

3.5” diameter VettePack Muffler in position (yes- it does fit under the OE sidepipe cover!)

Hanger & tip awaiting alignment & welding

Tack-welding everything into position

Removal of the LH side for final welding. Everything is tacked together & fits properly

Completing the welds with a MIG welder

All welds are painted with a high-temp aluminum paint to inhibit corrosion

RH side completed – ready for ignition!

Many thanks to car owner (& restorer) John D. for allowing our photo session, & much praise to the expert installers & old-school gearheads at Muffler Daves – Wayne, MI. This is one beautiful, hard-running, 4-speed 1967 327 Corvette! *If you want it more brutal, we make 2.25”, 2.5”, & all-out performance 3” flowpath full-tilt chambered Powerstick sidepipe mufflers too!

08 Rams
2008 Ram 1500 w/4.7L – Through Stock Catalytic Converter
Setup = 3030SB Powerstick & a 3” Resonator, finished with a 3” Mandrel-Bent
Dynomax Tailpipe (part #: 55284)
The following Videos:

(Start-up Idle & Rev) (Standing start) (Normal drive-by) (Drive-by w/kickdown)

(Expert work performed by Dave Sr. @ Muffler Daves in Westland, MI.)
Time required to install: approx. 1.5 hours






1. Photo 1 shows a 3” x 26” Long Powerstick (# 3030SB) attached directly off the catalytic converter assembly.

2. Photo 2 shows “Muffler Dave” heating & bending a new rod hanger which will be welded to the new muffler.

3. Photo 3 shows the offset between the straight-through Powerstick & the resonator attached to the new tailpipe.

4. Photo 4 shows expert installer compression-bending a 3” offset pipe, which will join the Powerstick to the resonator.

5. Photo 5 shows the finished installation with offset pipe making the jog between the new components. All the factory hanging points are re-used, & everything is welded together except the connection at the OE cat converter which is clamped. OEM exhaust is saved for a rainy day.

Hi Eric,

Got a new track vid for you to check out of my car at the Z06 Fest Drags last week. Nothing but compliments on the exhaust sound of my car thanks to your Powersticks. Feel free to add it to your website. My friend Dan shot it with his new Sony Hi-Def camera. Let me know what you think.

Thanks, Jim L. Alamosa, CO


Thanks to Mr. M. from the heartland of America for these great movies of his brand new '09 Challenger R/T running a 4, 2.5" Powerstick system. 20" Powersticks ahead of the rear differential, & special 12" Powersticks right at the back of the system. The factory H-pipe was retained. Mr. M. reports a great exhaust note that is very practical for everyday driving.

This is the first new Challenger running Powerstick exhaust!

09 Challenger
09 Challenger
Drive By 1
09 Challenger
Drive By 2
09 Challenger
Take Off

Tundra Solutions Forum - rex1

For those who wanted pics of the single 3" powerstick.

This is with the Banks Monster exhaust pipes(Y-pipe and tail-pipe). Swapped out the Banks muffler with the single 26X3" Powerstick, it was a direct swap.

This is a nice upgrade for those who have purchased the Banks Monster Exhaust system.

"NEW - TRUE 3" VERSIONS". Body diameter 3-1/2", part #3030SB.

You Tube Video
VettePack YouTube - Video

Thanks to L.B. of Scottsdale, AZ. for this clip. His car is a 1965 Corvette 327/365 HP. Here's his commentary:

I bought a 65 with sidepipes and posted a similar problem a few weeks ago. They were an original repro. of the GM's. Just yesterday (Mon.) I had the chambered portion removed and replaced with a section consisting of 1/2 chambered and 1/2 resonator made by Classic Chambered. ERIC at Classic, said he had never tried this particular combination and hoped it worked. I made an HD video of the before and will be doing one in a few days to show the difference. It may be hard to hear the sound difference on a computer. The sound seems to be reduced in volume by 1/4>1/3 of what it was. It is a lower rumble and they are still louder than most exhausts. The original sound was very annoying and the new sound has a much better tone. When I finish the video I'll post both of them. GOOD LUCK!

YouTube Video - 07 Hemi Charger after the PowerStick install
Thanks to Eric M. from Michigan (running a pair of 2520SB's)

mov mov

Thanks to Randy W. for the great sound clips of his '63 Corvette small block
running 2540-VETTE Chambered Powersticks.

Thanks to Jim L. for the following sights & sounds from his 2003 Z06 Corvette:

* Movie from inside car - 140 MPH!
* At Idle Movie
* And Acceleration Movie

Patrick T. of MA. beautiful '66 Corvette Coupe with a stroker 383 putting down 455 HP

Idle.mp3 is from outside car,
Accelerate.mp3 is from interior of car.
Never got the pedal even halfway down!

Under the stock sidepipe covers reside 3" OD x 40" Powerstick Mufflers (part # 22540-VETTE). Sound is deeper & less raspy, plus flowpath is now 2-1/4" vs. stock @ 1-7/8". BIG flow advantage!

Thanks to David C. from Howell, MI. for the great movies. His car is a 2006 Mustang GT with a high-flow H-pipe & an SLP Loudmouth axleback. 2524SB's were added after the H-pipe for additional tuning.

Drive By Slow .mp3 .mpg Right Click,
Save, Play
Drive By Fast .mp3 .mpg Right Click,
Save, Play
Acceleration From A Stop .mp3 .mpg Right Click,
Save, Play

Shelby Cobra

YouTube - Dyno Run

YouTube - Cobra Autocross

Many thanks to Robert I. for providing these videos.
Vehicle: Unique Motorcars 289 FIA,
Engine: Southern Automotive 354 stroker.

Unique Motorcars 289 FIA

2007 Trailblazer SS Running Dual 2520-CP Cobrapacks

67Camaro.mpg Video

1967 Camaro 'Project Prodigy' @ 2005 SEMA Show.
540 cid / 750 HP with 3" Powersticks.
(courtesy of Prodigy Customs, Apopka, FL.)


Mike M's sweet 350 CID powered '55 Chevy
running 2530SB Powersticks

(Download Quicktime for Windows)

Steve C's 2002 WS-6 Firebird
(w/true dual exhaust) running a pair
of 3020SB Powersticks.

Mathias H. of Sweden running 4, 2.5" Powersticks in a big block 429 Mercury Cougar.

Thanks to Rich Z. for the great soundclip
(3026SB Powerstick) 4.5meg- mpg

Thanks to Robert O. in SD for the photo & movie. Vehicle: 2004 Pontiac GTO. Mufflers: Powerstick 3020SB's.

Dean Knight's
'69 Camaro Running a pair of 3030SB's - 8 meg

Powerstick 2520SB mufflers installed on a new Hemi Magnum Wagon. OE pipes replaced with 2.5" aluminized, & new 2.5" X-pipe fabricated to replace the smaller OE X-pipe. Bulky OE bladder-type mufflers replaced with some real performance!

Close-up showing Powersticks installed downstream of the X-pipe, & before the differential.

Rear view with new performance exhaust & stainless tips. Looking & sounding GOOD!
(Magnum Photos & Sound clips courtesy of Muffler Dave's - Wayne, MI.)

2003 Supercharged
Ford Mustang Cobra
(Stock & w/22520SB Powersticks)

Stock 1973 340 Charger Rallye
with 22524SB Powersticks.

498 CID AC Cobra Kit Car
with 3032SB Powersticks.

"Powersticks going on the infamous "Green Brick"
owned by Mopar Action Magazines' own Rick Ehrenberg."

Short 3" Powersticks on the Ford factory promo Boss 429 show car.
The car has 855 HP & has an actual Boss 429 Roush-built motor.

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