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From January 2022 - Corvetteforum:

Sidepipe update

OK, to preface - Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, or earholder in this case. And no, I did not before and after dyno the car, nor did I take decibel readings. I'm not trying to advertise for a non-supporting vendor, this is just my opinion.

I had the 2-1/2" - 3-1/2" Vettepacks installed just before Christmas. My installer has owned his shop since the 70's, still uses oxy/acetylene, and he's as good as I've seen over the last 50 years of hot rodding. He was (as usual) a bit of a skeptic at first - "Just two glasspacks welded together". And of course he didn't care for having to cut the brackets off of the old pipes and weld them to the new ones. But he did his usual great job - and made new 2-1/2" head pipes as well.

These Vettepacks are a tight fit under the covers, but they do fit. When he finished and I started it up he was good with them, and actually acted a bit surprised that it sounds this good. That's about as good as it gets for this guy. I like the growl just off idle - a bit louder than I expected, but like I said I like it. I've always enjoyed driving the old muscle cars around slowly - as well as quickly of course.

Once the engine is over about 1800 RPMs it gets quieter, and out on the highway, they are not as loud as I expected. To me they are not as loud as my old pipes on the highway. My seat of the pants tells me the 365hp 327 really likes these things. To me it's noticeably more responsive when you step on it. Although Lars rebuilt the carb and I've reworked the distributor vacuum and mechanical curves per his papers,

I thought this SHP 327 should be quicker than it was. I put a hopped up 327 in a Vega in '73, and that thing ran quick. Yes it was bit lighter than this Vette, but this Vette just seemed like it should have had more power. To me the sound of these at wide open throttle is much improved over my old sidepipe mufflers, which were aftermarket reproductions. I actually disliked the sound of the old pipes other than idling around, but the Vettepacks have a nice sound when I jump on it, a deeper, throaty sound that gets better with RPMs. With our rain and snow here over the last couple of weeks I've only had it out a couple of times, but I already like this change and wonder why I waited so long.


Wanted to follow up on these, they are installed on the car, and the most reasonable sounding mufflers we have yet heard on a Cobra. The car is finally comfortable to drive around town, can't wait for the owners to drive it this Saturday on track! (pair of Classic Chambered 3” core x 36” long CobraPack Mufflers with packing)

Rule Garage – Lakewood, WA.

Great feedback from Wally in Florida running a pair of “quiet” 2040-VP’s.

Eric, just want you to know, finally got to take my Corvette out today for a drive. Your exhaust system works unbelievable. I have had a # of C-2 side exhaust cars.... would highly recommend to anyone... thanks again

Wally in Florida.

Holy Shit….all I can say…You met me at Bakers last summer and sold me the 26” blanks…finally got it done…289, Trick Flow heads, 10.8:1, custom cam, Edelbrock RPM Manifold, Holley 600, Dougs Headers

My friend Terry built the exhaust in his garage. I ordered up some tubing and turndowns and he fabbed it up, dumped em at the rear axle, turndowns at a slight outward angle..

The car sounds amazing…so happy to not sound like every other tin can sounding SBF running Flowmasters. The powerstick’s fit so well under there..beyond stoked..taking it to its first cruise night tomorrow…

Why more people aren’t using these is beyond me…by far the best sounding exhaust I’ve ever had in a car!

I will spread the word when asked!

Matt H. - Michigan

Car: 2011 Challenger SRT 392

Classic Chambered,

Exactly what I wanted, better than expected.
Totally transformed the car into what it should be... a beast.

Very little if no rasp.

Deep throaty sound.
Getting on the throttle or downshifting to the lights are like a dream.
Not obnoxiously loud all the time like straight pipes.
Very little drone.

Could not be happier.
Will refer you when I can.

Thanks, Kurt (Winnipeg, MB.)


Side Pipe Inserts Just Went From Sweet Thunder to Classic Chambered

So as the title said I just switched from sweet thunder 2.25" inserts to the 2.5" classic chambered vettpacks. This is for my stainless obx 4" sidepipes.

I really liked the sweethunders but they were just too loud. the drone while driving would get to me after a while making it unenjoyable to drive.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find another insert with more flow (and performance) than what I was using, that actually sounds a bit deeper and and quieter under throttle.

I had tried quieting the sweethunders down by wrapping them in harley pipe exhaust insulation but it had very little effect.

I had to do a lot of searching to find any real data comparing these two so I wanted to start this thread to let people know who are in the same boat, that the vettpacks are a superior sounding and performing insert. I had emailed Eric at classic chambered exhaust looking for suggestions based on what I had and my desires and the vettpacks were his recommendation. The difference is VERY noticable. Don’t get me wrong the car still has a very noticeable sound and is not "quiet" by any means but the drone noise in the cab is gone and cruising sound levels are very tame compared to before.

Classic Chambered,
I am sorry that I haven't thanked you for the extra wire tie clamps you sent me. They arrived and have been installed! It seems the older I get, the faster I'm running! Thank you for your generosity, you operate a first class business.

Steve M.

My 1937 Chevy chassis with Classic Chambered Exhaust
& heat sleeves ahead of the mufflers.

Hi Classic Chambered:
I got the 2.5” VettePack inserts in, one side gave me grief because it wouldn’t fit into the step down on the side pipe but after a bit of BFH work I got it.

And the verdict……EXCELLENT !! That is how side pipes are suppose to sound, it’s a lot tamer down low on the rpms and not as raspy and a better lower tone BUT get into it and about 3,000 its singing and starts to really bark,I love it.
On a side note coming back around home on my usual drive I kind of got on it coming around a corner from a red light, it went sideways and I grabbed a bit of second too for good measure. That car has never reacted that way so I’d say its breathing a lot better as well.

All in all a very satisfied customer amigo and will A+ reference your company and mufflers anytime.

THANK-YOU!!!! (Harry H. – Alberta, Canada).

Hey Classic Chambered,
I finally got the amazing shop to work on my Charger today. Did the mid muffler/resonators delete and installed those powersticks! This shop I went to specialized in installing performance exhaust so I was feeling super confident that they would do a good job. Needless to say the guy charged me $120 for everything and did the entire install in 25 mins! I was blown away! They started my car up and just slowly coasted into a parking spot…no revs or anything lol. So after I paid the guy I sprinted out to my car to start it up. I fell even MORE in love with my ride!! The tones at idle/low rpms, no drone on the highway, and instant ear to ear plastered smile on my face when I put the petal to the metal! The sound is very intimidating now even though its already a black Charger Daytona with black rims and blacked out tails…a MILLION thanks for everything sir!!

From the conversation you and I had that day when I called to ask you some questions about the power sticks I knew I made the right choice! NONE of the guys at that shop knew anything about Classic Chambered Exhaust!! They were like well we carry flowmaster, Borla, Corsa, SLP, Magnaflow…you name it they had it…but I whipped these babies out and showed them what I had and the owner goes ohhhhhhh yeah man I’ve seen those before, long time ago…that thing is going to sound sick!

Haha Im putting your company on the map over here brother! Thanks for the amazing services and products sir…you gained a valued customer!

Michael B. - 2017 Dodge Charger Daytona

Wow!!!! Just in absolute awe of the power sticks / chambered exhaust I got from you recently. Had them installed this morning absolutely incredible it has a very distinctive sound, just sounds "sinister" I think is a good way of describing it. I ended up just driving around aimlessly for awhile enjoying the sound. Thank you again, great work!!!

Mark E. (CA.) – Late Model Hemi Charger

I love em!!!! Thanks so much sir!!!!!! Such a clean rumble!! Exactly what I was looking for! The shop where I got them installed had never put these on a car before and were very impressed as well!!!

Q.S. (TX.) – Late model Hemi Charger

Dear Classic Chambered,
I really meant to thank you earlier. I installed the vette pack inserts Monday and absolutely love the sound. I got the 2.5 inch set and installed them in a set of Doug's headers and side pipes. The tone is spot-on and the volume at idle is very pleasant with great sound under acceleration. Love the product!

I have been in the auto business for 30 years nobody ever says "thanks that was an awesome job you did" they only let you know when they feel otherwise. In a world where customer service is virtually nonexistent yours has been very refreshing. I would not hesitate to spend the extra money on your product as opposed to others on the market again and will recommend you to others also. I am very hard to please and critical of all things to a fault (that's what I am told).

Please accept my praise of your product and thanks for making my crummy Vette sound Awesome.


Originally Posted by:
I have original GM side pipes on my 1966 461 (427 with 454 crank and 30 over) and have 331hp and 431 torque at 4900 rpm on a chassis dyno. Is it reasonable to expect a considerable gain from an after market side pipe that will fit under the stock shield and if so, which one? I figure at 22% loss though the drive train and factory side exhaust would gross 425hp and 553 torque (times 78%) and net the above figures. Is that a reasonable guesstimate? How much loss can be attributed to the side pipes alone?
Thanks for any opinions and comments.

Try Classic Chambered Vettepacks 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 model no 2540VP.

Less than 2% rear wheel power loss when tested on a chassis dyno. Open headers tested 414 RWHP @ 6300 RPM Headers into 2540VP tested 407 RWHP @ 6300 RPM

They produce a deep, mellow sound. They are noticeably deeper toned than stock sidepipes, and are quieter while cruising. They do BARK loudly when you step on the go pedal.

There are a couple recent threads here which should be helpful to you. I like them a lot. They are also VERY well made and quite a bit heavier than GM sidepipes

Good Morning,

For Christmas my wife bought me a set of Powersticks for my 2015 R/T Charger Road and Track, I just had them installed last Monday and I have been smiling ever since. I absolutely love them so thank you for such an amazing product! Just passing along; I no longer turn my radio on when I am in my car, the Powersticks are all I need for sound and I absolutely love them. My installer has been doing exhaust since the early 80’s and he was amazed by them as well as the quality of the product.

-Erik (TX.)

I don’t like the muffler:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!! I could not be happier!!!!! I have been trying to get this sound out of my exhaust for two years now, and finally I have it! As I watched the muffler guy I weld my muffler up there was this crazy anticipation building up inside me. Then came the moment when he fired it up, and everything inside me screamed YES! YES! YES! I have the best sounding Silverado in town now, and already received a compliment on it! Thank you so much for sending me a beauty of a muffler... Robert H. (TX.)

What’s Up Classic Chambered,

So i just wanted to drop by and say man oh man do I love these mufflers (2524SB’s), again would like to thank you for the mufflers. I’m not sure if you have been seeing forums or not I’ve been spreading words and posting my videos everywhere about your work and told them to mention “Zee” for when they buy it from you, no sure if you encountered anyone saying that but I’m doing my best to spread your company for an amazing product you have! I hope for the best for you man! (video link: )

Thank You,
Zee (TX.)

CCE - Got the pipes installed on my 58 Vette and they sound great, even my wife likes the sound.

Thanks, Tom (MI.)

Re: Detroit Radio Station “Stone Soup” Corvette Raffle Car – Donated Powersticks & Resonators:

Hey Eric, we just got the Corvette started again and it sounds amazing! Everybody here loves it, great job!

Scott (Build Supervisor - Washtenaw Community College – MI.) Video clip of first startup – McLaren-built 350 Chevy motor:

Man Classic Chambered. I'm very impressed. In just the few hours of having them on or so, I already had more than a handful ask me what I had! I love the sound, I'm really going to enjoy these. I did go ahead and upload a video or two on different social media's and YouTube. In the descriptions I went ahead and told them that "tell them Aaron sent you." (TX.)

Eric, received the order and had them installed this past Friday on my 2015 Dodge Charger RT. The car sounds great!

Have you done any applications with a 4.0L jeep wrangler? I would like to work up something for this one already running a Ripp Super Charger:

(Brian – VA.)

I've had the powersticks on my truck for a week so far and they are the best sounding muffler I've ever heard. Already been through 5 different brands of mufflers on my current setup. You make a great product and I am a proud supporter of U.S. made. Your business ethic is also one of the best ones I've ever dealt with. I will definitely be installing powersticks on my other truck when the time comes. Keep up the outstanding business and product. Also I've provided a youtube link to a video of my truck in case you would like to use it or as a sound clip.

Ben from Saginaw, MI.

Check out these videos on YouTube:
At Idle Video - Driving Video

Great CobraPack thread:

Hey Classic Chambered,

I just wanted to let you know that I was more than impressed with the sound that I got from the 3" power sticks! My set up is a 2008 Chrysler 300 SRT8 with 25,000 miles on it. I installed Kooks Long Tube headers and then took it to a shop to do the rest. They installed high flow catalytic converters, the 3" opening (26" long) power sticks, and 3" dual piping the rest of the way. The owner of the shop has a nine second track car and he said the sound I get out of my car rivals his drag car.

Needless to say it was well worth the wait. If you want, I will gladly send you a short video or two of the car that you can use at your disposal. Thanks again make some great products.

- Josh

Hi Classic Chambered,

Sorry for getting back to you at such a later date, installed the mufflers as resonators yesterday. The 3" wide just fit in between the springs and gas tank just perfect.
Fired up the beast and the rappy-ness was gone and a little deeper tone. Just worked perfect.
Have Dynomax 20"? oval mufflers and with the addition of your chambered mufflers toned it out nice.

'Thanks' to you for offering to help if this installation did not work.



The headers, x-pipe, and free-flow cats on my C4 are from Melrose, all of it 3" diameter from the cats forward. This system uses reducers to 2.5" rear of the cats, and I replaced this with 3" pipe when I installed your resonators. Your resonators were placed just aft of the differential (I had already removed the spare tire mount). The engine is otherwise stock in terms of modifications that would change the exhaust note (it has an MSD ignition, and nitrous for the strip).

The original Melrose system with 2.5" internal diameter chambered pipes just aft of the differential produced a sound only slightly less loud than pure straight-pipes (I had cutouts at the differential for comparison). The high frequency content was still too loud for normal street driving, making conversation all but impossible during normal acceleration or cruising rpm much above 2000. Full throttle acceleration was only slightly less loud than the cutouts.

Your 3" diameter, 18" long resonators took out all of the objectionable high frequency content during idle, cruise throttle, and normal acceleration. Full throttle is still very impressive with a crisp note; it is loud enough to prevent conversation. I think this is a perfect compromise: I get a nice low rumble on idle, a strong but mellow tone on normal acceleration, and a head-turner on full throttle.

I believe that the engine revs much more easily above 4000rpm, but this is of course a subjective value judgment which I have not validated in a test of RWHP on a dyno. I did dyno-validate an additional 25 RWHP with the Melrose system feeding into the 2.5" pipes and chambered exhaust over the stock Corvette exhaust. I strongly suspect significant additional gains with your resonators on a full 3" system, especially in the region of higher rpm.

Incidentally, when originally installing the Melrose exhaust system, I had used Flowmaster mufflers. True to their reputation, they virtually eliminated all of the higher frequency notes, leaving nothing but a low rumble. There was no sense of crispness or definition to the tone, even under full throttle. Worse yet, the muffler produced strong resonances at normal cruising rpm which drummed so loudly that it hurt ears and inhibited conversation.

Your resonator virtually eliminates these objectionable low frequency resonances. You hit a home run.

Best regards, Mike (Mead, CO.)

Hello Classic Chambered,

Maybe you remember me. Rico from Spain.
My Cobra 289 with your no packed mufflers is the “ BURNER “!!!!!!!

After an repair of the valvtrain and head porting the sound is awesome. ( happy that we have no noise restriction for this beautyfull cars in Spain)

I can only recomand your product .
Thanks again.

Regards from sunny Spain

Dear Classic Chambered,

I just had the Hooker Glass Packs removed and the 3" Louver Inserts (part# 30LV-IN) installed in the 4" Hooker Sidepipes on my '71 Corvette. I drove it yesterday the fifteen miles or so from the shop to my garage, mostly highway with some stop and go street traffic. My first impression was it was a bit louder (I like it), deeper (especially at idle), and performance wise I think I have that "seat of the pants" (and more) feeling back as compared to the old undercarriage exhaust system I replaced. I merged onto the highway and, with no other cars in sight, went from a slow roll to what seemed like 60+ mph in less than 3 seconds--my vision literally went blurry and I felt the G-force rock me back. I don't think I ever had that before. I look forward to getting the car out again and getting on it (just a bit) to test it out further. With my radical set up (BBC 496 stroker, high duration .700" lift solid roller lifter cam. The sound is just off the charts and maybe one day I'll get to park the car on a dyno and really get some solid numbers). All in all, I am very happy with the switch.

The Hooker Glass Packs I replaced claim to have a 2.5" straight-through core. I didn't realize that a .5" circumference difference would really change all that! Thanks.

Paul – customer of S/P Classics – Amityville, NY. (

Vette Packs all the way! (June 2014)

I just installed my Classic Chambered VettePacks into my hooker side pipes a few hours ago.

I originally had open pipes, which had me in the category of "Loudest street driven car in the La Crosse area"... They were VERY VERY loud at low speeds and with the car pulling away from stops. Cruising wasn't that bad. I liked it but knew it was a sound police magnet. Out of 10 they were a 15 ---Not joking- open headers were actually more quiet with less "drone" at all RPM's.

Then I dropped $190 on a pair of 4 inch Dynatech insert cones, which were still so loud that 2 nice cops came to talk to me about 2 weeks ago. Something about starting up a very loud car at 6:15 every morning... I had passed by and pulled away from stops next to a half dozen local cops and troopers without so much as a second look, but a neighbor complained enough to force them to visit me and chat. They never even asked me to fire it up for proof.

Out of 10 the cones were a 9.5 or 10

I ordered some VettePacks from Classic Chambered and as it was mentioned before, they're made to order so it took a little under 2 weeks to get to my door. Having to leave my car parked for that period of time was torture, but after the first ride with the inserts in I'm VERY satisfied with my choice.

They're extremely toned down now, enough to allow me to actually relax as I drive it around town, but at idle and on the throttle the CC inserts let plenty of sound pass through. I thought they were almost too quiet at first, but going from open pipes to muffled will do that. It has all the attitude I need without screaming "look at my loud car".

They're pretty pricey, but worth every penny. I'm sticking with the VettePacks for sure.

Out of 10, to me, they're probably a 6.5.

I promised Eric at Classic Chambered a good review if I liked them, and I couldn't be happier with the product they're producing. The sound is, for a lack of better words, beautiful. Exactly the sound I was looking for.

I can cruise around and chat with a passenger, while I can still hear every movement of my right foot on the throttle.

From: Island Rob

Re: VettePack Sidepipe Inserts for a C-3 Corvette (part# 25VP-IN): Hi Eric, just wanted to let you know your inserts are fantastic! The sound is much better than the Sweet Thunders and no drone at cruising speed. I will recommend them to my friends.
Thanks, Rob

Hi Classic Chambered,

I have the 20" 2 1/2" Powerstick installed on my 1980 MGB V6 conversion. The engine is a 2006 GM LX9 3500, out of a Malibu. This setup is estimated to put out 240 HP, 225 ft. lbs. in a 2200 lb. car. Its a two into one exhaust system set-up from the 1 5/8" headers and flowing a 2 1/2" pipe right to the back. I must admit it is louder but a fast sportscar should sound like its fast. It took some time to get used to the louder exhaust, but I really like it. You can drive it normal shifting at 3500 rpms and it sounds like a normal sportscar - tame. Shift it between 4-6000 rpms and it really sounds good. Like a race car. The exhaust sound gives you immediate feedback on throttle response and gearshift selection. A good driver can make the engine sing. I have no regrets installing your product. Thank- you.

Tim Ringland

by astglenn,

Dec. 2012:

Hello Classic Chambered:
My name is JH. I autocross my 1974 CORVETTE with the Reno Region SCCA. It has OEM side pipes. Typically I hear two things, OEM side pipes don't flow and my car is too loud. Would your 50/50 VettePacks enhance sound AND performance? How long does the resonator last?

It's a EFI/Procharger supercharged 355 GMPP ZZ 3. 6 lbs of boost roughly 500 hp. It's got OEM big block side pipes. I won the Reno SCCA Vintage SOLO Class with it this past season.

I got them on today. It was too cold to drive it too far. I noticed that idle is, for sure, quieter. Below 2250rpm it is much more pleasant to drive. My AFR meter is reading leaner, as expected, due to better exhaust flow. I am not sure it's quieter at open throttle. It is certainly less obnoxious. The tone is lower and less sharp. I am confused. How can the CCE VettePack be quieter than the more restrictive OEM big block side pipes? I have always associated quiet and restrictive. Nice job friend!

Thanks, JH

The Car:

2.5” VettePacks installed on a C-2 Corvette in Denmark:

Hi Eric
just to let you know. got the exhausts here in Denmark last thursday and installed / welded them on the car last night. and boy what a nice suprise. tone is nice and deep and low end torque is much approved. as weel as hiogh rpm ( i take it to 7000 rpm without any problems) , soundlevel inside the cabin is MUCH lower and gives a nice ride. so very pleased with your product. and will tell all corvette owners that i know, about this nice experience... hope to get you some over seas customers here in Denmark.

thanks Jesper

From (May 2012 – Thanks to Eric in Boyington Beach, FL.)

Since installing a set of OBX Stainless side pipes I've been trying to find a set of inserts that flowed well but sounded good at a reasonable volume. I started with the Hooker Max Flows that sounded nice at idle but after that they were super loud and unbearable on the interstate. Second I tried the Hooker regular glass packs (not reverse flow) and they sounded much better volume wise but the tone was just ok but the back pressure was horrible.

I called Eric at Classic Chambered Exhaust and asked about making a set of the VettePack mufflers he makes for C2 cars. He said no problem though he'd never made a set for the hooker styled pipes but was game. A few weeks later they arrived and I started the install.

The design is great and easy to bend the tabs so the inserts slide in with some resistance and no vibration and rattles. The sound is super. They have the right amount of volume and sound great through the rpm. At 70 mph on the interstate you can hear them but still talk to a passenger in my case with the windows down an air conditioned car would have no problem at all. When you get in it or just taking off heavy footed from a light heads will turn cause everyone can hear the sweet music your car will be making.

Happy to say the least and found working with Eric a pleasure. Here is a quick clip. I'll shoot a driving video next and post it.

Thanks from “qwik-tripp” in Maryland. The guys continue to switch to the new VettePacks in search of better flow & better noise control & tone quality!

Got my new Vettepacks finished....

Eric at Classic Chambered has hit the bullseye with these. They sound great at ALL rpms, great rumble while cruising and meaner than tiger piss when on the floor going through the gears. Thanks again Classic Chambered. I'll attempt to post a couple of videos.

@idle -

1st gear burnout -

1st and 2nd gear eating the tires up -

Dec. 23, 2011: (posted on here goes. I got my Powersticks on today! Sweet! Done by a Great shop in Portsmouth NH, Mike and Doug at Lou's Custom Exhaust. They did a Great job, Sweet welding,H-pipe, nice bends and tucked up nice, out of the way.
They were very fair with the price too, Right at $200.00 for the install, plus a bit extra for some 3 1/2" Black Chrome Tips that are like 16" long. They sound really quiet at idle,but... when you get on it...Description: MAN they are nasty!! Love It! No drone, but you can still hear them...nowhere near as bad as the Flow's I had on my '03 Stang... I am impressed...I drove 150 miles with them today and I LOVE 'EM.
My Neighbor said to me when I got home.." What the F*%k did you do?, That thing sounds like a Beast!!" I'm 46 years old, and this is the best sounding vehicle I've ever owned, and I've had some Old Muscle... anyhow, the sound clip/video link is above if I did it correctly. I'll do an "in Truck" if there are still any doubters...
Oh Yeah... to Eric from Classic Chambered; I've dealt with alot of Aftermarket Vendors... You Do It Right!! Thank You!!

-John S., New Hampshire

Nov. 7, 2011: Eric;
Finally installed the side pipes you shipped me in August. They sound fantastic, we're doing a few adjustments to the engine then it will go on the Dyno. I'll let you know the results. By the way, I've ordered a 2013 Boss 302 and I'll get with you on what exhaust to install.

Nov. 17, 2011: Eric Quick update.
With the new side pipes, so much back pressure has been released we've had to re-Jett the Carb. In addition the fuel line has to be increased from 3/8 to 1/2 to be able to keep up with the engines big thirst since the Cobra is breathing so well.

Should have everything completed by Tues. and put it on the Dyno next Weds. With the original pipes the 289 generated 420 hp at the flywheel. We may exceed 450 hp.

Dec. 18, 2011: Eric;
Sorry for not keeping you updated on the Backdraft Cobra, time got away from me. Monday I'll fax the Dyno results. As you see, the HP increase was minimal, this wasn't because of the Classic Chambered Exhaust, but rather the 289 was already almost maxed out prior to the install. But what is noticeable on the Dyno printout is the torque response and engine smoothness through the test as well as actually putting it through it's paces on the road check the air/fuel ratio on the bottom and how efficient the exhaust has improved. As I mentioned earlier the sound of the Classic Chambered Exhaust is incredible, when we fired it up for the first time all the mechanics said WOW! What great sound, you can hear every cylinder firing, Omer the owner of the Dyno Shop said if he didn't know I had 289 under the hood he would swear I had a Big Block. I'm getting the side exhaust ceramic coated in white and should get them back next week, can't wait to see how they look.

Picking up the new Boss 302 the first week in January, let me know what exhaust I should get from you.
Merry Christmas and I love the new exhaust.

I purchased some of your mufflers awhile back and wanted to share with yall my custom set up.
I love the way it sounds and you make an excellent product!

David S. - North Carolina


Just got the Powerstick installed on my 4.7L Jeep WJ, replacing the stock muffler, and it sounds perfect. Everything I hoped for! You guys definitely developed a great sounding and high quality product! Take Care man!

- Joel

Subject: Suburban + Powerstick = Insane!!

Hey Eric! I got my Powerstick in on Thursday and hit the exhaust shop this morning. Had the muffler installed and this thing is a BEAST!! I can't believe how my Suburban sounds! Anyone who thinks a mod like this is only for sports cars is wrong, my buddies with Mustangs and Flowmaster systems are seriously jealous of what they hear from my SUV. Thanks for making such a badass product! You rule!!

Sean Delveaux


Thank you for the personal email - I appreciate that kind of thing. I wanted to let you know that I am a huge supporter of your product, as I have had some sort of Powerstick installed in every vehicle I have owned in the past 6 years or so. I have had dual short sticks on a 99 Pontiac Grand Prix, dual long sticks on my 72 El Camino, and this new one will be going on a VR6 VW Jetta. I can try to get some video/sound clips of the Elky and Jetta if you are interested. Do you perhaps have any vinyl stickers I can toss somewhere on my rides?

Thanks again for the email, and even more thanks for the best sounding exhausts I have ever heard.


Running a pair of 2530SB Powersticks on a 2010 Tundra 5.7L:

Eric, I got the exhaust installed last weekend and I love the way it sounds. I put an H pipe installed ahead of the Powersticks and I couldn't feel any noticeable torque loss on the bottom end. Very quiet at idle and no drone at cruising speeds. Hit the throttle and it definitely comes alive. Very happy with your product and will tell everyone who might want to run duals to give you a call.

Thanks. Justin B . - 2010 Tundra 5.7L Columbus, OH.

Hi Eric,

Here's a video of my car with the 2520SB's on it. It's a real head turner (ear turner? Ha). Love it!!!! 2010 V6 Camaro with Power Stick Mufflers


Great Product Classic Chambered Exhaust!
I've installed the 2530SB Long Powerstick on my Toyota 4-Runner (V-8). Amazing sound; bystanders do double-takes all the time - they cannot believe the deep muscle car tone coming from my Toyota! I was using an aftermarket stainless cat-back system w/ aftermarket turbo muffler; sounded flat, lacked tone altogether - problem solved with the addition of the Powerstick. Best part about it - with the 31" overall length I was able to swap the muffler without any modifications to the system! Keep up the good work!

Brian (PA)


I had the 3030SB PowerStick installed on Christmas Eve...It is freakin AWESOME!!!! The Ram is my wife's truck and she loves the way it sounds. She cracks up when she pulls away from a guy at a light and then at the next light he is looking closely at the truck and her and giving her a thumbs up! It's been on for three days and I have already had 4 random strangers ask me what kind of exhaust I was runnin'. I may have sold a few relatives on putting them on their cars as well. I just wanted to say thanks for a great product what a difference it makes. Also, I haven't noticed any low end power loss. Like I said before, I will be in touch to order up a pair for my Charger in the spring! I will send you some pics and a sound clip later this week...after we dig out of this blizzard!!!!

Thanks, Dan K of PA. (Application = 2010 Dodge Ram HEMI)

Many thanks to Joe Ciaravino of NJ for the following movie clips of his trophy-winning 1965 Corvette 327. Joe was instrumental in our development of the breakthrough VettePack Muffler concept. I built a prototype set with 2.5" cores & 3.5" OD body size for Joe's car. Length of the chambered Powerstick is 26" & I used a 16" resonator section. Today's most popular VettePack assembly utilizes 20" of Powerstick, & 20" of sound-absorbing resonator. We hit the sweet spot with this latest design!

Movie clip # 1: Stock GM chambered sidepipe setup

Movie clip # 2: VettePack Mufflers on the road - 6750 RPM!

Movie clip # 3: VettePack Mufflers startup & idle


I have to tell you, I love the sound of my 36 Ford coupe after installing your classic chambered exhaust. My first attempt was with my mechanic who stated they would not work. My second attempt was crawl under the car myself. Easy fix, had a custom muffler guy make a special bend and I was set to go. The powerstick gave me a nice sound and added a cleaner flow, all my hestations went away. Thank you for an excellent product.

-Daniel Shea (PA.)

Got the exhaust today (single 3030SB, 3" resonator, & 4" slash-cut doublewall stainless tip). Had it installed and it sounds amazing. Thanks for building a GREAT product!!!!!! Everyone that hears my exhaust will know it is a Classic Chambered, I put the sticker on after the install. Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Brian Ellison (MA.)
2008 Dodge Ram 1500 / 4.7L

Here's a 5/7/10 post from on the HUGE thread STILL on the front page of "Performance Modifications" since June 2009 titled: "Official Powerstick Pic & Vids" Thread. This thread is now 49 pages long, & 726 replies! This guy installed a pair of 2530SB Powersticks. What do the Toyota Tundra owners know that the Ford, Chevy, & Dodge owners don't???

Finally got mine yesterday morning, they were put on in the afternoon !
Went dual over the axle, exited @ 45 degrees out the rear corners with polished tips. (will post pics later) -Also had them add an H-Pipe right up front where the two pipes first come together. Left all four Cat(s) in.

Looks great (cost $420 to install) sounds fantastic !
Can't really hear the Volant anymore, but the sound of the PowerSticks is really nice. Deep, rumble & throaty...

Only a short drive on the interstate to listen for drone... None so far...
So far, (only been one day) LOVE THEM !!!
The local muffler shop I used (been around for quite a long time, very well known) pulled the sticks out and said, almost under his breath, "I haven't seen these for a long time... You're gonna like these..." paused for a minute, then "You know these aren't gonna be quiet, right !?"


Found a good recommendation for a local shop. Got the Sticks mounted this afternoon and they sound GREAT !
Obviously I can't compare these against your 2.25" sticks, but I don't think these are "over-the-top loud" by any means. Then again, I'm not sitting in a car behind my truck with the pedal mashed to the ground...
I passed your info on to the muffler shop where I had them installed.

Thanks for the help.
Richard (Toyota Tundra V-8)

If you’ve got a sidepipe setup & want great flow, tone, & sound control, the VettePack™ Mufflers are the only way to go!

VARIOUS POSTINGS FROM about VettePack Mufflers:

  • I got the car back LOVE the sound of the new pipes. Not too loud and not too quiet. Guys if you are looking for a good side pipe set up this one is one of them that is out on the market.
  • Again guys with the car setting and running and really going down the road NO MORE DRONE... love the sound and set up now. P.S. yes Jack I will let you drive it this week end.... Then you can buy you a set of these also...
  • The 3.5 body diameter that I installed fit fine.It was very easy to do. I layed my old side pipes on a steel table.Used a sharpie to trace the shape including the mounting bracket and hole.Made the outside of the new pipes to line up with the lines on the table.Added three inches between the rear of the Vettepack and chrome tip to make the over all lenth the same as original.Welded it together.Rewelded the mounting bracket so the hole would be in the same place. It could not be easier. Me and my two boys 13 and 11 did this. It is easy!
  • Now you can hear the music and talk with someone without killing yourself. And no more drone... But the car still has good sound...and also can still hear the cam... The guy that does these does excellent work..
  • Plus when you goose it, they still let you know that they are side pipes - rumble rumble...
  • I installed mine today. It may be the best thing I have done to the car! They sound GREAT!!!! I am VERY HAPPY!!!!
  • Sounds great with out being to loud. Best no drone....

To Classic Chambered Exhaust,

Just received my muffler part #3026sb and the quality far exceeded my expectations. The muffler only stood in the box for about an hour before being installed at my local muffler shop. My new 2010 Silverado sounded great with your product. I have run Magnaflow, Dynomax, and Flowmaster on my other truck and have never been truly happy with the sound until I heard this muffler. Keep up the great work and I will be telling people about your product.

Sincerely, Joel Vargas (Pico Rivera, CA)

From: B&M Muffler – Tolleson, AZ. (Powerstick Dealer & Installer):

So far so good. I got the 8 yesterday . How many 3" do I got coming yet?. I’m thinking to maybe have more 3" because I have a lot of trucks in this area and they all want 3" Flowmasters. I just did an ‘05 Mustang, and this guy has tried all kinds of mufflers and none sound like he wanted it to sound so I talked him into hearing a couple Power Sticks, and holy sh#*, everyone here couldn’t believe it, they really sounded mean. His Mustang was pretty hopped up, he had a super charger on it. He was pretty happy. Go to my blog on my website, I took a couple pics. I’ve been writing some blogs already on the chambered exhaust.

Here’s the link along with photos:

Hi Eric , Subject: Side pipe tests on 66 SB Corvette

Over the Xmas/ summer break down here in Australia I finally got around to running the tests we discussed last year. Back in September, prior to removing the stock side pipes on my 66 corvette I ran a series of base line tests. These tests consisted of:
noise level tests per the Australian federal qualification procedure, back pressure and RWHP with the Gtech.
After installing the 2.5” VettePack Mufflers, the change was immediately noticeable, normally I would have to give the car a little extra throttle to keep it running for the first minute or so; with the new pipes it just started and kept running without any extra throttle.
I then took the car out for a run, the exhaust noise was obviously lower and upper rev limit moved from about 5,500 to 6,500 plus, I took it out to 6500 easily but was not prepared to go beyond that. The Gtech indicated that I had picked up 33 RWHP. The exhaust back pressure dropped from 9.5 psi at 5500 rpm with the stock side pipes, to 2 psi at 6000 in 4th gear with the VettePacks.

Over the Xmas break I re did the noise test and had an average reduction of 10 dB in the region above 200 Hz (cycles/sec). This amounts to a subjective halving of the noise in this band of frequencies, the nasty harsh bark in the upper rev range was gone. These results were confirmed less formally by the locals, who commented on how much better the car sounds. Just for reference my 66 is running a fuel injected 383, custom extractors and a crossover pipe located just below the collectors. I have been looking for years for an acceptable solution to my stock side pipes noise and restriction problems; your VettePacks meet or beat every performance spec I had on my wish list.

By the way many thanks for jumping through all the hoops to get the pipes out to me here in Australia.

Best regards and thanks, Richard P.

Dear Classic Chambered,

Marty added your 2.5" mufflers in place of his Thrush 2.25" ID mufflers and gained 31HP and 42 ft. lbs. torque to the rear wheels on a Dynojet Chassis Dyno (as tested by Lonestar Performance in Addison, TX). They had to rejet the carburetor because your mufflers leaned it out. Marty says they sound great and he's really happy with the fit, finish and performance gain. He says he wants to prowl around looking to set off some car alarms at some local parking garages. Can't wait to join him for that and give the BMW guys hell...he, he! Take care!

Scott Carpenter - ScoCar

Dear Classic Chambered,

Just wanted to follow-up and say how pleased I am with the Powersticks for my 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. I got them installed yesterday and they are exactly what I was looking for. They have a nice deep, mellow tone to them when driving normal through town, relatively quiet at cruising speeds, and an aggressive, throaty sound when getting on the throttle and no popping or crackling when letting off. Exactly as advertised! It sounds like a muscle car should now. It does have a little better performance and I'll be curious to see how it performs after I get a cold air intake for it so it breathes better at both ends. It cost me $220 to have the exhaust formed and welded from the cats back to the tailpipes so for under $500 I've got a really nice setup now.

Thanks again, Gary C. - Sioux Falls, SD

Gerry Sheppard

Hi Eric - from Gerry Sheppard

I picked up the exhaust Thursday at Sumas. Saturday morning I spent 2 hours total, cutting and welding to installing your tubes into my side exhaust piping, a perfect fit into the stock side pipes. With everything installed back onto the car by noon, I was ready to HEAR the sound.

WELL .....................................

I cannot believe the difference that QUALITY makes!! Your exhaust has changed my 327 -365hp Corvette into a Sweet but throaty sounding machine. (Like you said)

The original was LOUD but with no character now it has a great sound that is quite drivable around town as well on the highway..

There is no comparison between your exhaust chambers and the original that I removed when it comes to quality and sound!!!. I will certainly recommend your exhaust to everyone.

Your Vette packs are so far ahead of the originals....very easy to install....WOW...I just love the new sound! It puts a smile on my face.

Thanks again for your excellent product. I'm off for a Sunday run in the sun.

H. B. from Jacksonville, FLA.

I made up my mind and bought 2 Powerstick chambered mufflers from Went with the medium length, 2.5" all the way thru...3.5" body.
I had them installed on Monday...and I'm really happy with the results...sounds AMAZING!! Cold starts sounds mildy cammed...and the idle is just plain bad...these don't have any drone like the Flowmaster did...from what I understand from drone anyways...just great sound..all thru the powerband...

So without any further's a little something I put together...enjoy! Ohh...and the video doesn't do it justice... Video - 2002 WJ Overland 4.7L H.O V8

Hi there, from L.L

I finally got the 26" classic chambered 2-1/4 mufflers put on with my new dual exhaust out the oh man what a difference! This is on my 1956 Plymouth Belvedere with a 361 big block in it. The idle and cruise sound is just awesome and when you open it up it sounds even better! I noticed alot more pick up and pull compared to the turbo mufflers that were on it. definetly picked up some horsepower and torque with these. I am so glad i went with these mufflers they fit the car perfectly soundwise.

Video comparison: Stock vs Classic Chambered Exhaust
(COBRA Make / Engine: Hurricane Motorsports). Posted on

Not sure if you can hear the difference between the videos but in person a huge difference. In person I notice a much deeper sound and the engine was slow to rev before.... with the new exhaust the engine revs real quick with no bog.

Stock cobra side pipes and with Classic Chambered Exhaust

Saturday I was lucky enough to take my car out for a short but BRISK rip. 29 degrees out but sunny. Right off the bat I noticed off the line was alot smoother with less effort. Cruising I notice sound level about the same below 2500 rpm. Wide open quite a bit louder but much deeper. With the cold temp way too CHICKEN to open it up full throttle in 3rd and have it go sideways on me. Even with a couple of fouled plugs the power increase is huge. Can't wait for fresh plugs and warm pavement to open it up.

Many thanks to Darren in Kuna, Idaho. (Mufflers: Classic Chambered COBRAPACK 3" x 24" Long, with packing)


From Brian (Saginaw, MI.):

I also have chambered mufflers and no cats, from Classic Chambered Exhaust. At cruising speed it has a nice low rumble, but get on it and watch out! Many people have said it's one of the best sounding Vipers they have heard (sorry, no sound clip yet). The chambered muffler really deepens the sound of the V-10 surprisingly.

I'm not really sold on the Roe product personally. You can get the same sound for a fraction of the cost by just cutting out the cats and keeping the stock mufflers. But if you're looking for easy installation, and need cats, Roe is the way to go.


To Eric and everyone else there, thank you very much for putting out this product. I ordered the 3026SB and can't be happier. Talk about waking the car up a bit, and everyone around here. :) The sound is great, just enough resonance to give that muscle feel standing outside of the car. Enclosed is a picture of how I finished it off with the down tube I made out of a Mandrel bent 45' given a slash cut. My father has a 55 f100 and after I took the camaro out for a rip.. or two or three going through the RPM band, (and his truck has Dual Holley Aero Chamber Mufflers) and he said 'hey so do you think I should get a couple of those for the truck? Our answer was an absolute yes.

Thanks again for the product, I'll be ordering another for my Chevrolet 3/4 truck and another for my brothers 07 Chevrolet 5.3 1/4.

Greg Rochester NY


Hey we finally got the chambered mufflers on! The sound is exactly what I was looking for in tone. But, they are loud, I could have done the 2 1/4 and maybe helped out my neighbors some. Also the chamber hits the side pipe shield and when I came to a stop light, I could smell the smell of burning fiberglass for the inner shield. So tonight I will put spacers in and bend the shield out some to get a good air gap in between.

With my engine and cam, when I left the muffler shop today, I was asked at two different lights,"what kind of wild engine to you have in that thing?" I don't think that too many will want to challenge me do to the awesome sound that the engine and chambered exhaust have . I just hope the loud sounds don't wear over time on us.

Thank you, Randy C. Welch

I received the thundersticks today, the construction of these chambered mufflers are outstanding and heavy duty with exact inside diameter inlets and outlets, good job. I will be ordering more down the road for my 77 thunderbird with 460 cobra jet engine, thanks.


From - Jan. 2008 Post:

I've got Powerstick chambered pipe mufflers on my Mustang and they are definately different. They sound wicked at idle and positively NASCAR nasty at WOT. Classic muscle car sound.

From - Oct. 2007:

Here is a run-down on my 5(five) mufflers that i have had on my hemi the past 4(four) years.

#1 A Flowmaster dealer installed- single 3" in/duel 3" out . Loud, resonated way too much, that is reason I took it off. Leaving the shop that does my work, I knew that I had maybe went the wrong way! Lost some power on low end!

#2 Went with a Warlock, As soon as I drove it a couple days, I knew this was't going to work. Times at track proved me right, lost time. This muffler stayed on for a three week period.

#3 This muffler was a "Full Boar", 3" in/3'out, single pipe. Had nice sound, picked up in my track times again! After a year, it too resonated too much for me.

#4 Changed to a AT3030, picked up a little more in power! Learned on this one, when I turned down tip it wasn't as loud and it didn't resonate. Very nice sound.

#5 This muffler(maker calls it a "power stick") is same as used on '63 vetts and some muscle cars from that era. On vette it was the outside pipes along bottom rim of car. Nice, different , rumble sound. Sound not heard much on market today. Also picked up some more time on track!

I have ran a cutout on the last two mufflers. Still am thinking about putting the #1 back on with turndowns and see what it does! Loved to run with #1 bye high school, shift into first, and drive 20mph, setting off the school kids car alarms!! That was fun.

When I get headers on, I am going with dual "power sticks".

From April 2005

hey, just posting to enlighten any of you who were thinking about replacing your loudmouth resonator with a chambered muffler. Well it turned out awesome. I got a 'medium powerstick' chambered muffler from

Heres the model # - 3026SB

It is a 3" muffler, with a 3 inch flowpath, so no bottleneck like with other mufflers. :thumb:

The sound is great. Still loud, but it got rid of the popping when i let off the gas, plus the highway drone is virtually gone.

The only downside is that the muffler is not stainless. Not a big deal.

I give this mod :thumb: :thumb:

From April 2005

TTT - Anyone else do this? Thanks

I did this, I placed a 3" powerstick on the i-pipe. I purchased it from And I love it, can't wait till I put my longtubes then its on. It has a deep throaty sound to it and everyone loves it.

Best of both worlds - steel wheels & 3" Powerstick Chambered Exhaust
on Jack G's super nice 502/502HP "Sleeper" 1969 Camaro.

Had the muffler installed this morning on my 07 trailblazer ss and it sounds GREAT! I think it sounds fantastic. I have heard the Corsa, Borla and Magnaflow that cost anywhere from $800-$1,000 and this sounds so much better, more of a muscle car sound. I'll be doing headers later this year so i may see about running duals out the back and using another Cobrapack muffler.

Thanks L. Parker

11/12/07 - Superformance Cobra Application:
Dear Classic Chambered,

I finished one side pipe to compare to the factory sidepipe. Going from one side of the car to the other to compare noise, it sounds like two completely different motors. It sounds MEAN! I just wish I could have finished this project over the driving season to really wring it out. When you rev the motor and let off the gas, you can hear the exhaust gas still flowing past the louvers for another 1-2 seconds after the noise of the motor slows down. Its the damndest thing. It sounds like a tearing sound. I could actually imitate the sound by blowing compressed air down the cobra pack.

Damn does it sound mean.

Also, I will be ordering some 20" from you for my factory pipes. I want to keep that set original looking.

BTW, I posted my story on SCOF (Superformance Cobra Owners Forum) which is a private forum for Superformance owners. I'm getting drilled with questions about upgrades and what all I did. I actually blamed you for helping me along with answers. I hope you don't mind.


I recently purchased a 3"x 16" POWERSTICK for my 91 camaro, I was leery being as how I had never heard it in person and didn't know anyone who had....until I drove the car, you people make THE BEST DAMN MUFFLER I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!!

It's amazing I have been through about 5 different pipe, cat muffler setups but none had the sound I wanted. Your's has a nice deep rumble at idle, idle through about 2500 it is very aggressive and deep, only thing I can compare it to is a late model Stang with full exhaust and Flowmasters. 2500+ the gates of hell open up and it puts the biggest smile on my face, extremely loud, powerful powerful yet crisp and clean......This setup is here to stay! I will get some sound clips and pics shortly so you can put em up, you should see and increase in sales to the 82-92 f-body guys as I have put nothing but great reviews on under the exhaust and aftermarket dealer were awesome to deal with when ordering and the product is the best sounding I have ever used...I thank you folks you have one happy customer. Feel free to give this out to potential customers or put on your site. This is on a '91 camaro RS HEAVILY worked 305, edelbrock shorty headers with ypipe the TES system, 3" imco pipe all the way back with the muffler in stock location with a 3" turndown.....

I am truly amazed and recommend you to anyone looking for this kind of sound

Paul G. - Aurora, Colorado

Hey Eric,
The 2530's are great. I put them on my 2001 Chevy 2500 HD. All my friends love the sound, one liked it so much he wanted a pair for his WS-6 Trans-Am for Christmas. So thats what the second order was for. Hopefully if everything works out I'll send you a video of my truck that you can use.

Adam M.

I ordered a pair of your Powersticks for my 69 Chevelle and e-mailed you as to how impressed I was! Well, I had my car at the Cruisin-by-the-Bay car show here in Sandusky and won the muffler rapping contest with it - the crowd loved them!
(p.s. the car won a plaque too. Great Day!)

Thanks again, Jim Bean

Hello Eric,
We put the mufflers on yesterday and Holly crap!!!, what a difference I gain a hundred 100hp & 100 Fpt easy. I used to have to use the clutch to get my tires to spin, Not no more, I just tap the gas, and the tires are a blazing even at 30 miles an hour, Just touch the gas and your going sideways. I still can't believe what it has done to my car even Gord said If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes he wouldn't believe it. Its like Nitrous. I ran them in both directions they sounded better in backwards, a nicer deeper sound, and they weren't much louder. We tested them inside the shop with a Db meter, It was a more controlled environment. Readings with stock mufflers were 98 Db @ 2000rpm 110Db @ 3000rpm 106Db @ 4000rpm. With the power stix in the right way readings were 103Db @ 2000rpm 108Db @3000rpm&am p;am p;nb sp; 111 @4000rpm with them in backwards they were they were 106Db @ 2000rpm 107Db @ 3000rpm 109Db @ 4000rpm. You have to remember we were inside a shop, When we moved it outside it was a lot quieter. Again thank you I only wish I would have changed the mufflers before I changed my engine It mostly likely had enough power.

Thanks again, Grant Steele

Thank you Eric!
These mufflers sound wicked. I'll try to get a vid to you and on LS1Tech.

Christopher Sims

Eric ,
finally got my chambered mufflers on my 69 chevelle, They sound great! the guy at the shop said i looked like a kid with a new toy from the smile on my face! the flow masters cant touch this!!!!!

Thanks, Jim Bean

Just wanted to let you know I just put my Powerstick on and its totally unbelievable. Its such a nice piece, quality is excellent and the sound is way better than anticipated. I put a 3026 stick on my 02 z28 where the stock muffler was and ran a single pipe out the drivers side.

I never write to any company I buy from unless I am totally pissed off, this is so great I had to let you know. I would love to be a dealer of these things.

Thank You - Jon


Wheels arrived today in good condition, thanks, will recommend you to my friends.

Ron P.- Beavercreek, OH

In an effort to save what little hearing I have left, I installed new mufflers and took the car for a test cruise today. What a difference! The car still sounds great, but now I can hear other stuff too. It's the best of both worlds, a larger flow path than the originals (2.5" vs. 1.875")and much better sound control. I used the 30" Cobrapacks w/ 2.5" cores from Classic Chambered Exhaust.

RT - Houston, TX

Before Install After

I picked up the rims yesterday at the custom´s. I really was surprised how mint they look. Perfect work and perfect boxed! No damage at all and not a slight sight of rust. Thanks so much!

Only to give you a small impression how it will look when finished I attached two pics showing a friend´s Firebird with standard steel rims and the correct dogdishes. Mine will look the same except that my car´s a hardtop coupe - not a convertible - and painted Mayfair Maize.
Thanks again and take care

Thomas - Munich, Germany

I just wanted you to know I recently installed a pair of Power Sticks on my 1966 Ford F100. WOW! These have to be the best sounding mufflers I've ever heard. Once my buddies hear them, they'll be yanking off their Flowmasters right quick.

Thank you for delivering a product as promised! The only thing that disappointed me was that there was no Classic Chambered Exhaust or Power Stick sticker in the box!

Matt Bishop

Installed the Powerstick I ordered. works great as a resonator! It is installed on a 96 Caravan 2.4 Dual OHC engine.
Eliminatd the van "box" resonance.

Thank You
Paul Thompson

Cobrapacks # 3020-C, SPF MK III, Fuel Injected 427:

I just got back into my office today and I am trying to catch up, the cobra packs as well as the header changes really opened up the car. The performance change is amazing. They are louder than the original glass packs that I had from SPF but it is like music to my ears. I took Steve for a ride in the car when we had everything done and he thought the car was outstanding. When I accelerated in the car while traveling down the road it was very easy to break the rear end loose whereas before it took some work. The difference was so substantial others that have Steve at RED build their cars want to duplicate what was done to mine. I will start a thread as soon as I have time. Thanks for a great product.

George T. – Nevada

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