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Aug. 22, 2018:

Dear wheel customers, for the past 20 years I have been able to supply many rare & desirable wheels as evidenced below. I have built the following reference library of steel wheels which has helped many car enthusiasts – wheels I handled & sold. Today, I found out that my wheel supplier has exhausted their efforts & desire to continue to search & supply wheels for OUR needs. As of today, I will not be able to supply any more steel wheels for you – my customers – I am sorry. I will leave this page intact as a great photo library which many of you will undoubtedly be able to utilize – I wish you luck in finding what you need. All of my efforts now will be on the production of my mufflers. Thank you all for many years of patronage in your quest for the right wheels for your vehicle.

Sincerely, Eric S.
President & CEO

Thanks to Dale C. of Michigan running 15x7" steelies on his beautiful (& fast)
'71 Challenger R/T 383 4-speed.

More 15x7" (later style) steel wheels dressing-up the Mopars in Germany

MOPAR, FORD & GM Steel Wheels


1968-9 Style 14x5.5" *

1968-newer 14x6" JJ Mopar *



Mopar Pre-68 Wheel 15x5.5"
(Holds Large Dog-Dish Cap)
Backspace = 4"
Manufacturer: Budd Wheel USA *

Mopar pre-68 Wheel 15x5.5"
(Photo showing rear of wheel)*

* Mopar pre-’68 15x5.5” showing large Dog-Dish

15X6" *

15x6" H-wheel *
(shot-blasted bare steel)


15x6" 1968 Hemi Wheel *
(w/bumps in-between
lug holes)

*Ultra Rare 15x6” H-Wheel
May 1969 Date (Very Light H-Stamping)

15x6.5" Early Style *
Great substitute for a 15x6" H wheel (3 nubs, flat bolt pattern).

Newer Style 15x7"
Powder Coated


15x7" Older Style
(shot-blasted bare steel)

Mopar 14x6" Pre-68 Wheel
(uses Large Dog-Dish Cap)

1965 to early 1967 Style

(uses larger dog-dish caps)
Correct Hemi wheel, & other BB. Motor Wheel

Ford 14x5.5"

Ford 14x6"

Ford 14x6.5"

* Ford 15x5"

* 15x5” Ford Early 60’s Hi-Po Wheel

* Ford 15x5.5" Early Style

* 15x5.5" Ford
Early-60's HiPo Wheel

* Ford 15x6" Early Style
(Correct for Later Shelby Mustangs)

15x6" Kelsey-Hayes Wheel
Made in USA.

15x6.5" Ford Wheel

* 15x5.5” Early Pickup
1940’s thru Early 60’s

Ford 15x6.5"
w/Gloss Black Powder Coat

Ford 15x6" Kelsey-Hayes,
NOS in Black E-Coat,

Ford 15x6.5" Early Style

Ford 15x6.5" bolt pattern 5"
(Will Fit 73 LTD)

Ford 15x6.5"

▼ Photos showing GM 15x6” Disc Brake Wheels on a 1963 Corvette:

*NOTE: The OE 5.5” wide wheels did not clear these calipers!

Clears OE Disc Calipers

1/2" Wider Than Stock

Holds Dog-Dish Cap Too

OE Wheelcover Fits

14x5" / 14x6" / 15x6" / 15x7"

GM 7
GM 14 x 6
GM 14 6
* 14x6” GM 1960’s
Some Full-Size – 5” BP
GM 14 6
* 15x6” GM 6-Lug Pickup

* 15x6” GM Fullsize - 5” Bolt Pattern
GM 6
GM 15 x 6
GM 7
* GM 15 x 7

15x7” 1991 Buick Roadmaster
GM 6
* 15x8” GM 6-Lug Pickup Wheel
(NOTE – Bolt Pattern = 5.5”)

* GM 14x6 Drum Brake Wheel(older style)

* GM 14x5 Drum Brake Wheel (older style)

Lug Chart

Rim / Wheel Width

Each tire has a specific rim width range on which the tire can be mounted. Failure to follow rim width recommendations may result in poor tire performance or possible wheel and/or tire failure.

Below is a quick reference chart listing each tire size and the acceptable rim widths for that size. (The chart does not show all sizes, but gives a good example) Choosing a wheel near the middle of the range will give a balance between ride quality and handling. A wider wheel will improve handling at the expense of ride quality, while a narrower wheel will improve ride quality at the expense of handling. Consider these compromises when selecting wheels.

Sweet 1968 Shelby GT-500KR with 15x6” Shelby Wheels from us.
(Thanks to Mike from New Mexico for this)

Finally got around to having them put on the truck. (15x8” GM – White Powder Coated)

I received the GM 15x7's in time to get on before the GTO Nats in Dayton.
Here is a picture without the poverty hub caps. Looks like a Super Stocker from the 60's.
Thanks, Paul Sanders

Thanks to Tim Pontin of England for sending this photo showing reproduction
"Plymouth Division" Dog-Dish poverty caps. Sweet '70 Sattelite!

Eric, I purchased a set of steel wheels for my Chevelle from you 2 years ago and wanted to send you a picture. Thank you very much for the quality product I love this look on my car. If you would like you can use the picture on your website.   Thanks again, Paul W.

Bill D. of Sevierville, TN. running Late-Style 15x7's & Plymouth Division Dog-Dish Caps

germany.jpg - 31650 Bytes
15x7" Steelies all the way to Germany on Christian Thiemt's 1972 Sattelite.

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